Dining In

I like to leave Food Network or the Cooking Channel on when I’m doing dishes or fussing around in the kitchen/living room. When I see a dish that looks tasty, I hit record on our Direct TV DVR.
Skirt Steak and Garlic White Bean Mash
That’s how I came up with up with this for dinner: rib-eye steak, garlic white bean mash and sauteed spinach. Nigella Lawson made it look so fast and easy.

I used a different cut of meat from Lawson’s TV demo. I still squeezed lemon juice on top of the steak. That locked in the cooking juices and created a light, tangy meat sauce. Lawson also opened my eyes to garlic-infused olive oil. Seriously, this stuff is a revelation and makes anything taste better! When paired with lemon zest, it totally makes a difference in the white bean mash. Since I had some free time, I sauteed some spinach with the garlic-infused olive oil.

The best part: my hubby enjoyed the meal.

Sourdough Pancakes
Sourdough pancakes also made a guest appearance in our kitchen. Our Oakland buddies, Scott and Catalina, were craving pancakes.

Pancakes and Bacon
So, they brought over the batter, we supplied the bacon and we had a delightful, hearty breakfast.

July 4th Dinner with Family
In Las Vegas, it’s a pleasure to skip the casino buffets and have dinner at my cousin’s house. They fired up the grill for pork and steak, marinated with soy sauce. They also picked up stuffed bangus (milkfish). I enjoyed the smoky, tender flavor of the fish.

Watermelon Sorbet
This weekend in Oakland, Scott made watermelon sorbet. It was so refreshing following a hot, crowded afternoon at the Temescal Street Fair. He came up with a winning combo of sugar, watermelon and raspberries. It felt like a healthy dessert and I finished my bowl.

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