Dining In

I like to leave Food Network or the Cooking Channel on when I’m doing dishes or fussing around in the kitchen/living room. When I see a dish that looks tasty, I hit record on our Direct TV DVR.
Skirt Steak and Garlic White Bean Mash
That’s how I came up with up with this for dinner: rib-eye steak, garlic white bean mash and sauteed spinach. Nigella Lawson made it look so fast and easy.
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Mamma Mia!

My life of leisure has led me to some amazing culinary adventures at home. I poured a lot of my energy into tackling intimidating recipes. All the creative juices I used for crafting succinct ledes and teases inside the newsroom are now being used to build up tempting flavors and aromas inside my Cow Town kitchen.

So now – I’d like to introduce you to my first pizza.
My First Pizza
My freelance video shoot for James David Cellars inspired me to tackle this NY/Chicago/Italian foodie icon. David Cole showed me how easy it was to pile on the toppings and bake it on a pizza stone.

Super Bowl: Making Pizza from Kris Vera-Phillips on Vimeo.

Back in Cow Town, my hubby and I spent about $10 on the stone and another $10 on the ingredients.

Nobody said my life of leisure had to be a pricey one.
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