My MacBook is My Cookbook

Our kitchen must be my favorite room in the house. It’s the source of mouthwatering flavors, heady scents and good times.

Years ago, I used to print out online recipes for my kitchen adventures. Now I bookmark my food inspirations on Delicious and I keep my MacBook open on the dining table while I’m cooking.

I found an easy Chicken Chasseur recipe on Food and Wine’s website.
Chicken Chasseur with mashed garlic white beans
This hearty hunter’s dish seemed appropriate for the end of the summer.
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Dining In

I like to leave Food Network or the Cooking Channel on when I’m doing dishes or fussing around in the kitchen/living room. When I see a dish that looks tasty, I hit record on our Direct TV DVR.
Skirt Steak and Garlic White Bean Mash
That’s how I came up with up with this for dinner: rib-eye steak, garlic white bean mash and sauteed spinach. Nigella Lawson made it look so fast and easy.
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