Inside My Daly City Kitchen

Our kitchen feels like it’s just the right size. We have plenty of counter space and plenty of shelves for plates, pots and pans.

My Sundays tend to be my grocery shopping days. It seems like a good day to try out recipes from Serious Eats.
#kvpinmybelly : Cooking dinner!! Via @SeriousEats. @jacques_pepin 's Crusty Chicken.
I was impressed with how easy it was to make Jacques Pepin‘s Crusty Chicken.

My favorite part of this dish: the buttery mushroom and white wine sauce, made from the rendered chicken fat.

Crusty chicken with pasta
I added pasta as a side for the chicken.

Sausage and Beans
A nippy Autumn day prompted me to whip up some Dutch oven comfort food. I found a recipe for Cassoulet-Style Sausage ‘n’ Beans on Serious Eats. This is my first time making bread crumbs from scratch. I enjoyed the mix of garlic, thyme and parsley in the crumbs.

It’s a delightful, hearty dish. It warmed us up on that chilly day.

I used the leftovers in one of my bento boxes.
Bento Baon with sausage and beans

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