Bento: Color and Shapes

I have stayed loyal to my bento baon goals for the last couple of months.

However, I have cheated on the weekends.
It shows on my evil digital scale.

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The Good: I’ve pumped up the vegetables in my bentos. I have scaled back on the meat. I added tofu and other protein substitutes. I also stayed true to the “baon” nature of this project by incorporating more leftovers.

The Bad: I still haven’t figured out when to stop eating when dining out. I clear my plate without thinking about it. I know there’s a cue from my belly when my hunger is satisfied. It’s a subtle one and I end up ignoring it because I love the flavors in my mouth and how the food makes me feel. Now, I’m trying to sub-out the fries and fatty side dishes with salads. A damn shame, since I love fries.

The Ugly: I’ve slacked off on running.
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Bento Baon

My new online addiction: bento blogs.

The food presentation dazzles the eye and tempts my belly. Rice shaped into panda bears. Carrots cut-up into flowers. The bentos are also adorable. They reminded me of my fancy pencil boxes from elementary school.
I also read about bloggers who lost weight with the help of bentos. It sounds like the size and the food prep helped them control calories.

So, I started a new experiment with portion control.

  • As long as I made bentos for lunch, I promised myself a bento shopping trip (or 2) to Daiso at NewPark Mall.
  • I added the My Fitness Pal app to my iPhone to keep track of the calories in my bento and my other meals.
  • I also added more running days to my week.
  • Finally, I bought a new scale to see any changes in my experiment.

Some people would call this a diet. I think that may set me up for high expectations and disappointment. So, I’m calling this an experiment. I’ll evaluate the data with my smartphone/web tools. I may blog about the results if I see any positive signs. For now, I’ll stick with blogging about all things edible.

My first bento
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