Wedding Anniversary in Maui

Aloha Omakase!
We celebrated 10 years of marriage with an incredible dinner at Morimoto in Maui’s Wailea.

It was thrilling to place our entree options in the hands of the chef.

So happy with the oyster foie gras.
Morimoto offered an epic eating adventure, showcasing fresh seafood, delicate flavors and elegant techniques.
Also, the sake pairing knocked our socks off.

Morimoto made fine dining fun with plates like this. We scrapped the light pink toro and mixed it up with wasabi, nori pasted and other sauces. The light brown nuts added a delightful, crunchy texture.

Delightful plates of whitefish and sushi. Fresh fish melted in my mouth.

Since I am a sucker for bone marrow, we added that to our omakase. It made me happy to scoop up that succulent meat and spread it like butter on bread.

Servers presented the wagyu beef before it was prepared.

The culinary climax: wagyu beef prepared three ways.

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