Farm to Table

Vegetarians must go nuts for this place.

Our O’o Farm tour was one of my favorite food experiences in Maui.

It was a whimsical trip. I am a suburb girl and it felt like a hoot, picking coffee cherries and nibbling on foraged greens. Like a rabbit. A very hungry rabbit.

#kvphawaii Coffee plants at O'o Farm in #Maui. Farm tour, picking coffee fruit. Sucking on coffee beans. Cool!!

Restaurant owners created O’o Farm to produce fresh, local vegetables, herbs and more for Pacific O in Lahaina.

It sits on a magnificent location, nestled at 3500 feet elevation into the slope of Haleakala, overlooking the west shore of Maui.

I picked my way thru muddy paths. Inhaled the sweet aroma of white blossoms of coffee plants. Slurped the sugary paste off a coffee cherry.
#kvphawaii Bean me! Picking coffee cherries at @OoFarm. Yellow fruit covered in sugary slime. NOM!
Tasted the sharp, spicy flavors from a fresh picked kohlrabi leaf.

Sucked the sweet nectar from a white ginger blossom.

The tour had us picking lettuce, kale and greens for our salad.

Also liked the BYOB/W option for lunch.

The chef’s kitchen was impressive. His lunch, crafted from the farm’s bounty and the Maui coast, knocked our sandals off.

I enjoyed the opah fish with lime juice and vegetables. Also delicious: oven-roasted chicken and vegetables. I had seconds and thirds of the fresh-baked focaccia bread topped with caramelized onions.

Rain forced us to linger at the outdoor dining room. We swapped tourist stories with ladies from Chico and sipped red wine bought at ABC.

#kvphawaii Coffee by @OoFarm with black truffles, with coffee cherry powder. NOM! Plus #Maui pineapple slices
I sampled coffee, picked from O’o Farm plants and roasted on site. The chef sprinkled coffee cherry powder on the black truffles. Delicious.

Maui looked magical that day. It was a pleasure to be a part of it.

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