Farmers’ Market on Campus

This is my new favorite lunch spot at San Diego State: Farmers’ Market.
I love the smell of chicken grilling on a warm winter day.

#kvpinmybelly Lunch break @SDSU Farmers Market. Loved the smell of BBQ chicken from Flavors of East Africa. NOM! #lategram

My anchor convinced me to unplug from work and enjoy this weekly campus event. Great idea!
All the yummy scents blew me away. Every booth had something to tempt your belly: from ramen to gluten-free cupcakes.
Chicken Curry Bowl

I tried the chicken curry bowl from Flavors of East Africa. I enjoyed the combo of chicken, garlic, curry and spices over white rice. One server suggested adding collard greens. Yes, please!

I also sampled a couple of sambusas: chicken and spinach. They reminded me of flaky appetizers from New Eritrea in San Francisco’s Sunset District.

Next week: Thai food at Lemongrass.

Spicy pad thai and tofu helped me survive the rest of my work day.

I suspect I will become a regular at this farmers’ market.

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