Birthday Oysters

I had a yummy birthday weekend!
My birthday wish: hiking with my friends and eating fresh oysters.

Birthday Oysters!
We did both yesterday in Tomales Bay.

The Marshall Store was our our reward after a 2.5 mile hike. The Memorial Day crowds shocked me. Typically, we had the place to ourselves.

Susan asked: “You came up on Mondays?”
I nodded.
“Yah, that’s when normal people work.”
Good point.

We ordered three types of oysters: raw, BBQ and Oysters Rockefeller. YUM!
BBQ and Oyster Rockefeller

Last week, my hubby treated me to a birthday dinner at Cafe des Amis.
#kvpinmybelly : Birthday dinner with my hubby!
It’s an adorable French bistro in San Francisco’s Marina District. He had flowers waiting for us at a cozy velvet booth in the back of the restaurant.

Birthday Dinner
I enjoyed mashing raw egg yolk into the beef tartare. It adds one more layer of richness to this luscious appetizer.

24 Layer Crepe Cake @ Cafe des Amis
I also adored the 24-layer crepe cake. It’s delicate and creamy. The celery sticks dipped in fruit syrup surprised me. It worked out nicely with the strawberry slices.

A perfect ending to our meal.

Also – 35 tastes delicious.

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