Eat Drink Love: 2014

Hello 2015.

It’s a been a busy New Year with moving plans and a new job. Still, I need to carve out some time to look back at the yummy food and drinks that ended up in my belly.

#kvpinmybelly Burmese fried rice at @RangoonRuby in #PaloAlto. NOM!
I loved this. Burmese fried rice at Rangoon Ruby in Palo Alto.

This year marked a couple of culinary milestones.

I found a foodie paradise in Peru. I had a blast eating my way thru Lima and Cusco.

Smoked mussels at Fiesta in Miraflores. The menu was amazing. It included traditional Chiclayo-style dishes. This was one of my favorite spots for dinner in Lima.

It was also the site of one my dumbest decisions in Peru.
Bring on the peppers!
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Hello Again!

We spent our Sunday checking out San Francisco food spots that have wrapped up renovations or changed locations.

Chicken confit sandwich with a fried egg at Outerlands.
#kvpinmybelly Chicken confit sandwich with fried egg at @outerlandssf. Quite tasty! Pleasantly surprised by pickled onions #foodspotting #lunch #sandwich
The pickled onions surprised me. I liked the tangy kick mixed in with egg yolk and chicken fat.

Outerlands expanded.

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Girly Drinks

Cue the lounge cover of the Star Wars Cantina Song!

Bourdain may think the Tonga Room is San Francisco’s answer to the tiki bar.

He forgot about an amazing, hidden watering hole in Hayes Valley where rum fans and locals mingle with Zombies, Puka Punches and exotic cocktails in fancy glasses.

Girly Drink
I love visiting Smugglers Cove on my weekends.

Sometimes – we get to see a light show!