Hello Again!

We spent our Sunday checking out San Francisco food spots that have wrapped up renovations or changed locations.

Chicken confit sandwich with a fried egg at Outerlands.
#kvpinmybelly Chicken confit sandwich with fried egg at @outerlandssf. Quite tasty! Pleasantly surprised by pickled onions #foodspotting #lunch #sandwich
The pickled onions surprised me. I liked the tangy kick mixed in with egg yolk and chicken fat.

Outerlands expanded.

The new space looks beautiful with curved wood walls. The extra space and tables were needed for all the diners willing to wait for brunch. Sometimes they spent an hour or two waiting for a table to open up.

We spent about 40 minutes waiting for a table on a Tuesday.

We got lucky for dinner at Lolo, at its new location on Valencia. The receptionist said all tables were booked for the next three hours. I couldn’t believe it. It was a Tuesday night.

I thought it would be slow.

We found open seats at the bar.

Gorditas with bbq beef short rib. Meaty goodness over fried bread. Yum.

Every small plate of food tasted satisfying. Straight-forward flavors and fresh ingredients.

Empanadas with mushrooms, corn and Oaxaca cheese.

Lamb sliders. I’m crazy about the porcini mushroom sauce. I dipped everything in it, from the fries to the bun.

The Valencia restaurant is much bigger than the original location on 22nd. I think it held on to that cozy, friendly atmosphere.

Friendly dogs followed you everywhere.

My new favorite twist on a classic Italian cocktail: Mezcal Negroni.
Mezcal Negroni
It’s a smoky cocktail with red vermouth. It’s delicious.

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