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In My Belly: Small Bites: Oysters

Download my small bites episode on oysters. I like them raw. You may also add some lemon juice and hot sauce. Don’t forget to enjoy some of the oyster ‘liquor’ in the shell!

Smoked Salmon
We’re taking one more look at the Liberty Fishing Company in Monterey. My husband tries ‘Viagra in a Shell.’

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In My Belly

Blog update: feel free to download episode 1 of ‘In My Belly.’ Go ahead…knock yourself out.

As we watched Anthony Bourdain enjoy all the amazing fish and cocktails in the Caribbean, my hubby asked: “Want to go to Tomales Bay?”

I said sure. After Bourdain bid farewell to island hopping, we hit the road in search of fresh oysters and other culinary adventures along Shoreline Highway. Mark parked his Corolla next to the bay and we loaded up on oysters from the Marshall Store.

Fresh oysters and tamales for lunch

Following a tasty lunch of smoked oysters, Oysters Rockefeller, tamales, fish stew and beer, we worked on my first episode for my new video podcast: “In My Belly.”

What do you think?

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