Rise Bread Rise

I love the idea of homemade bread. The kitchen smells amazing when dough is baking in the oven.

#kvpkitchen : Today's kitchen adventure - attempting "No-Knead" bread. Hmm.. #baking #bread

My big challenge: making a dough that rises easily.
#kvptgif No-knead bread. Not bad! Still a little dense. #kvpinmybelly #baking #bread #foodspotting
I think I’m getting closer to an ideal dough with a “No Knead Bread” recipe. I made this loaf with the recipe from a YouTube video.

The bread came out dense with a very hard crust on the bottom. It tasted chewy and hearty. I liked it with olive oil. It also paired nicely with a cheese onion spread from Whole Foods.

It also looks better than my last attempt with an Italian loaf.

I wanted to dip bread chunks into a meaty dish with plenty of sauce. I tried out Rachael Ray’s Bolognese recipe.

Her recipe surprised me. It called for chopped chicken liver. My mouth melted after I sampled the sauce with it. So rich and tasty!

Here’s our simple dinner with wine, Bolognese and homemade bread.

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