Vegan Cacio e Pepe

#kvpkitchen My attempt at Alexa Weibel’s Vegan Cacio e Pepe, which was shared by NY Times Cooking. I used Barilla wheat linguini and Cold Mountain mellow white miso.
Vegan Cacio e Pepe

I am amazed by how much umami you can pack into a paste of miso and cashew butter. I didn’t have nutritional yeast. So I used Parmela Creamery shredded nut cheese. It tasted fine. But I missed that Parmesan bite from the “noosh.”

Cook the Book: Albaretto della Torre

I wanted a meaty dish for my Rosemary bread.

My inspiration: Fare la scarpetta. It’s an Italian saying that encourages diners to mop up every last morsel of their meal by using bread like a “little shoe.”

Sugo 'd' Arrosto

That led me back to Jeffery Steingarten’s book: “The Man Who Ate Everything.” I found a pasta dish from Albaretto della Torre that would let me mop up meat sauce with bread.
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