Fish Night

We had a spontaneous Sunday dinner at my Cal buddy’s house in San Francisco’s Mission.

Susan’s home is ground zero for grand holiday feasts, bacon fans, Super Bowl parties and wet cell phones. Her kitchen is our culinary laboratory for new recipes and techniques. I’m dreaming about the day when her hubby Tom will show me how to make pierogies.

Fish Night
Last Sunday, Susan and Tom bought fresh Saba fillets. We picked up mashed potatoes and other side dishes from Safeway. Our Oakland buddy Scott sautéed asparagus.

Side dishes


Susan added peanut oil to her pan. She fried the Saba with a mixture of salt, pepper and paprika. We were surprised that it took a while to heat up the peanut oil. Consensus from the dinner party: Great success with the fish.
Saba, 2 Ways
I seasoned other fillets with Brittany sea salt and pepper. I fried the fish with olive oil. Consensus from the dinner party: the Saba was too salty. In my head: fish fail.

Still, it was a lovely, relaxing night with friends, food and wine.
My fish plate, a little salty

After-dinner entertainment: Transforming Susan’s Jazz. “More than meets the eye…” stayed on repeat inside my head. Her Christmas gift from Tom delighted everyone and we couldn’t keep our hands of that little machine.
More than meets the eye

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