Warm Enough

We’re enjoying the first weekend of Spring with 70-degree weather.

Since I’m working another graveyard shift, I want to save my energy. Instead of partying hard, my favorite thing to do is chill at home with good food, wine and my family.

Grilling Salmon
Earlier this month, we picked up this beautiful, boneless salmon from Costco. I used salt, pepper and some olive oil on this fresh piece of fish.

We’ve been lucky with our warehouse shopping experience. Typically Costco is packed with bargain-hunting families…slowly rolling through the aisles, blocking exit routes and lingering by the food samples. Lately, we’ve missed the crowds and we’ve been able to focus on finding what we need for cooking and house supplies. We picked up all our pizza toppings from Costco. We also scored some deals on Bogle Wine. Yum!

Man Behind The Grill

Sunday Brunch: Salmon
We did brunch on the patio. We also had some potatoes grilling next to the salmon. The potatoes had salt, pepper, butter and olive oil.

Super Bowl Sunday: Beer Bread
Last month, we cheered on the Saints at a Super Bowl party in San Francisco. We made chili in our slow cooker and baker some beer bread. We used Trader Joe’s Beer Bread mix and added Black Buttes Porter.

Super Bowl Sunday from Kris Vera-Phillips on Vimeo.

Plenty of good food at our friends’ home in the Mission – classy chicken wings, Stromboli, crab salsa and good times.

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