New Eritrea

My first taste of Ethiopian food was at the Blue Nile in Berkeley. I had so many lovely meals there with friends from Cal and beyond. I was so sad when I heard they were closing it down.

Thanks to my Medill buddy Sara, I discovered my new favorite Bay Area spot for Ethiopian food. New Eritrea is on Irving Street and it’s in her ‘hood. We tried it our after a visit to the De Young Museum in Golden Gate Park.

I enjoyed the hearty, spicy chicken special: Zebhi Dorho. I also enjoyed the beef tartar: Kitfo. The majority of our party insisted on it being served medium rare. Next time, I want to try it rare. I understand if people are a little freaked out about undercooked beef. However, I still remember this amazing Poor Man’s Meat Pie from North Beach. It was rare, almost bloody and so tender. I loved the cold, meaty flavor and I’ve never had anything like it again. Maybe it touched something primal in me, back when humans couldn’t fire up a grill for their meat. At the same time, it was a decadent eating experience.

Back to Ethiopia and New Eritrea. We enjoyed the friendly atmosphere, food served family style and the heater. It was a nippy Bay Area weekend and we felt welcomed inside New Eritrea.

Can’t wait to go back!

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