Harris Ranch

We’re back home after our trip to So Cal for the Thanksgiving Holiday. The hubby and I had a blast hanging out with my family and eating too much home cooking.

On our trip back to Nor Cal, we decided to check out the Harris Ranch Restaurant in Coalinga. It’s just off the 5 and it was quite crowded with the holiday travel crowd.

Our travel buddy Tom said he’s been dying to try this steakhouse. So we decided to wait 40-plus minutes for a table. We figured it would be a nice break from the highway. I ended up nursing a Pinot Noir on the disabled walkway because the bar and the hallways were too crowded with families.

Harris Ranch
Overall, we had a good time inside the Horseshoe Bar [21 and up only :)]. Friendly service, good food and a classy, but rustic atmosphere.

The guitar player was not obnoxiously loud and he played a decent selection of mainstream and classic rock hits. Our meaty dishes were tasty. I ordered the 8 oz. Sirloin, medium rare. It was ok and I suspect it would have tasted better if I had it well-done.

Rare Prime Rib
Tom ordered the prime rib rare. It was so rare, it was downright bloody! It also tasted so succulent and meaty.

Mountain Oysters
We started with a bag of Mountain Oysters. They tasted crunchy and meaty. Plus, these “oysters” reminded me of chopped liver.

Bottom line: if you have time to take leisurely detour off your I-5 Roadtrip, Harris Ranch is a nice place to take a break from driving. Vegetarians beware, hardly any options at this steakhouse that will fill you up. Meat lovers, this is the place for you.

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