Dab of Butter

My new obsession for sandwiches: adding a dab of butter.
Mushroom and Brie Sandwich
I found that dab of white fatty goodness inside a mushroom and brie sandwich from La Boulange on Mission in San Francisco.

I fell in love with that dab of butter idea in Gabrielle Hamliton’s “Blood, Bones and Butter.” She wrote about this amazing intersection of fat: good olive oil, butter and slices of Italian meat – all packed between two slices of white bread. She wrote about enjoying both love and the sandwich in the Italian countryside. It was an impromptu picnic in the middle of a road trip from Rome. Hamilton’s book made me hungry for her food and travel. It’s almost been two years since I stepped on a plane and visited a country without formal diplomatic ties to the United States.

Speaking of mushrooms…We’re also growing oyster mushrooms in the kitchen. I got this batch from Back to the Roots. I produced an interview segment with the Cal alum who started the company. He stumbled on the idea of growing gourmet mushrooms from used coffee grounds inside his frat house.
Growing Oyster Mushrooms
I’ve sauteed the oyster mushrooms with sesame oil and garlic salt. I served it over white rice and tofu. Yum!

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