One of My Favorite Food Spots in Las Vegas

This is truly one of my favorite food spots in Vegas.

Rabbit Boudin at Main Street Provisions
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Rabbit boudin swimming in English pea butter sauce. Served with potato dumplings. The meat tasted tender, juicy, and a touch gamey. In a good way.

Flashback to dinner at Main Street Provisions in downtown Las Vegas. My favorite spot is at the bar, sipping an Old Fashion.

Australian wagyu beef sliders at Main Street Provisions in Las Vegas
Sliders made with Australian Wagyu beef. I added foie gras. I couldn’t eat this with my hands because of the juicy meat and cheese sauce. So it turned into a delicious burger salad with fries.

Charcoal fry bread at Main Street Provisions in Las Vegas
Charcoal fry bread with two delicious dipping options: charred carrot hummus and pickled asparagus and herbs in olive oil.



My hubby and I celebrated our 6th anniversary at Papillon in Fremont last weekend. Our wedding date falls just a day after our first date ever. We ran around San Francisco, hunting for bizarre items in a thrift store scavenger hunt 11 years ago. We ended the night at Ghirardelli Square, holding hands and walking by the beach.

I’m happy that we found a sweet, romantic spot in Fremont to celebrate our relationship.
Tomato Puree Soup
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In My Belly: Exploring St. Petersburg flavors

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ST. PETERSBURG – I need coffee in the morning. This has been true since my figure skating days and now on my early morning shifts in the newsroom.

The kitchenette and hot water pot in my hotel room have been a blessing on my two-week stay. I can start off my morning with a hot cup of coffee and a small breakfast of bread, sausage and cheese. I’m not a huge fan of breakfast, but my morning ritual helped me survive my lectures.

I like grocery shopping in other countries. It’s always a treat to see what other folks eat outside of the tourist zone. In St. Petersburg, I have learned to skip the extra fee for a plastic bag and use my backpack for shopping.

After class, I treat myself to a culinary adventure.
Beef, white mushrooms and noodles
I enjoyed the savory sauce over the noodles, beef and white mushrooms at Terrassa.
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