Funcation Eating


That’s how my colleague described my time between jobs. It rhymes with vacation.
I stayed busy with bootcamp.

I also celebrated the next chapter of my career with friends and food.
Funcation Eating

City girl on the farm

A Foursquare user created a “Stuck in Traffic” location for Highway 92 in Half Moon Bay over the Labor Day Weekend. That windy road to the coast turns into a parking lot on holidays.

The crowds and the cloudy skies convinced us to spend Labor Day away from the beaches. Our innkeeper said we should check out the goat cheese operation at Harley Farms in Pescadero.

We sampled the creamy Monet and other chèvre products inside the cheese shop. Then we learned about the farm tour:
– Meet the goats!
– Tour the milking stations
– Wander through edible garden
– Make cheese
– Eat cheese

The shop worker had me at “make cheese.” We signed up for the tour.
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Food Trucks

Camping trips and Hollywood Bowl concerts nurtured my love of eating good food outdoors. California has beautiful weather, fresh ingredients and bold chefs.

Most people have a craving to combine all those elements at food truck events.

A few weeks ago, we discovered mobile food heaven in Palo Alto at Edgewood Eats.

We lined up at different food trucks for our entrees. Next, we claimed a patch of asphalt with our camping chairs.

Then I scarfed down this incredible Maine lobster roll from the Shack Mobile.

Maine lobster roll from Shack Mobile
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