Under the Sea

Lent is over. I had my meat/alcohol feast on Easter Sunday.

Oddly enough, I don’t have any meat cravings after Lent. That may change. For now, I’m cooking up what my belly is craving.


I made a zucchini omelette. I added David Rocco’s Insalata di Fagioli e Tonno (tuna bean salad). I liked the crunchy texture from the celery pieces.

I had some culinary inspiration from Rachel Ray’s “Week in a Day.”
Fancy Fisherman Stew

It took me a couple hours because off all the vegetable cutting and the other food prep. However, I enjoyed this easy recipe for Fancy Fisherman Stew. I also added smoked clams to the broth.
#kvpkitchen Fresh halibut for dinner. YUM. Fancy Fisherman Stew by @rachaelray. Also tossed in scallops and smoked clams into tomato white wine broth. Loved deglazing fish pan with vermouth, lemon juice and butter. #kvpinmybelly #foodspotting #fish #seafo

Eating Green

I gave up red meat and chicken for Lent. My meals revolved around vegetables, tofu and seafood.

The Bay Area makes it easy. I thought it was exciting to explore vegetarian and vegan menus in San Francisco and beyond.

At the new Devil’s Slide Trail, we enjoyed a lovely walk and picnic with portobello mushroom sandwiches from Dinosaurs in Pacifica. I adore the vegan mayo on that crusty bread.

I also found plenty of vegetarian recipes to test in our kitchen.
Vegetarian Cooking for Lent

Eat Drink 2013

I normally do this “look back” post in January. It’s been a little nutty in the newsroom.
I’m sorry.

2013: The year of meat. That’s what it feels like since I gave up red meat, chicken and alcohol for Lent this year.

Last year, I had one of the most decadent meals of my life at Restaurant au Pied de Cochon in Montreal.
stuffed au pied de cochon with foie gras @ Restaurant au Pied de Cochon
My entrée: stuffed au pied de cochon with foie gras. It felt like the fatty duck meat left my heart racing.

In wine country, we got messy with a lobster boil at St. Supery.
#kvpinmybelly : #Lobster fan in #Napa. Also, new profile photo?!? What do you think?

In Pacifica, I went crabbing for the first time. We got lucky. I named our crabby friend “Lunch.”
Dungeness Crab @ Daisy City

In Daly City, we hosted our first Thanksgiving Dinner.
#kvpkitchen - Turkey ready for the oven. Celebrating #thanksgiving early because I have to work on Thursday

In Calistoga, we celebrated the New Year with newlyweds, Nancy and Justin, and plenty of hearty pork dishes.

I posted more food and drink photos on Flickr.

In My Tummy | 2013