Under the Sea

Lent is over. I had my meat/alcohol feast on Easter Sunday.

Oddly enough, I don’t have any meat cravings after Lent. That may change. For now, I’m cooking up what my belly is craving.


I made a zucchini omelette. I added David Rocco’s Insalata di Fagioli e Tonno (tuna bean salad). I liked the crunchy texture from the celery pieces.

I had some culinary inspiration from Rachel Ray’s “Week in a Day.”
Fancy Fisherman Stew

It took me a couple hours because off all the vegetable cutting and the other food prep. However, I enjoyed this easy recipe for Fancy Fisherman Stew. I also added smoked clams to the broth.
#kvpkitchen Fresh halibut for dinner. YUM. Fancy Fisherman Stew by @rachaelray. Also tossed in scallops and smoked clams into tomato white wine broth. Loved deglazing fish pan with vermouth, lemon juice and butter. #kvpinmybelly #foodspotting #fish #seafo

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