Winter Cookout

We took advantage of sunny skies and 60-degree weather with our first grilling party in Daly City.
Winter Cookout

Mark was the party planner and grill master.

He grilled up pork, chicken and lamb sausages from Whole Foods. He chopped up vegetables and made a white bean dip inspired by David Rocco.

He also cleaned up the house before and after the party.

Our friends brought by plenty of wine. Bethany and Nick made mulled wine and yummy Brussels spouts with bacon. Another tasty combo from Kristen and Dave who wrapped bacon around asparagus and added cream cheese. Our buddy Scott made scrumptious sauerkraut that complimented my lamb sausage.

Winter Cookout: Lumpia
I made lumpia. I also tried out a vegetarian option with mushroom, carrots and red cabbage.

More Lechon & Pancit
I had a fierce craving for crispy pork skin. So I picked up lechon and pancit from Tastebuds in San Bruno.

We transformed out living room into a “Cards Against Humanity” den. We sipped wine and cocktails as we discovered the sick and twister humor of our friends.

Good times.

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