Comfort Food: Pork Belly and Ramen

Cold night in the Bay Area? Order a hot bowl of ramen.

Enjoy with loved ones.
Spicy Garlic Tonkatsu
We fell in love with the spicy garlic tonkatsu ramen at Saiwaii Ramen in SF’s Outer Sunset.

I ordered the normal “spicy” version of this dish. It goes up to “extreme” spicy, for those who crave the painful heat. I loved the buttery aftertaste of the broth. My hubby was amazed by the flavorful pork belly. According to my hubby, this was the best pork belly he has tasted in a bowl of ramen.

Chicken Skins
I also liked the crispy chicken skin on a stick.

Monk Liver
The monkfish liver was a nice side dish. The fishy pâté offered a refreshing contrast to the hot soup.

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