Easter Dinner at Waterbar

My parents joined us for Easter dinner in San Francisco.

We loved the pancetta-wrapped sardines at Waterbar off the Embarcadero.
#kvpinmybelly : Sardines wrapped in pancetta at Waterbar in #SF. Yum! #fb #in

I always consider this holiday a special one.

For me, it celebrates the end of fasting and sacrifices. Churches around the country see packed pews. During my Cal days, I often spent this holiday by myself. I think that’s when the homesickness felt more raw. Now, I do my best to spend time with loved ones on Easter Sunday.

This is our second Easter dinner at Waterbar and we loved it. The view of the bay dazzled my parents. The service was stellar. The food made us happy.

Seared Foie Gras
My parents felt a bit squeamish over the seared foie gras. My hubby and I adore the stuff. Besides, we need to get our fill before California activates a bone-headed law that bans foie.

The Foie Gras Ban Countdown Begins – Via SFoodie

Beyond culinary controversy, the Waterbar continues to impress me with its seafood entrees. The pan-roasted halibut was fresh, flaky and packed with flavor.
Halibut @ Waterbar

It was nice to see my parents for Easter. They looked happy to be in the Bay Area.
How do you celebrate holidays with family?

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