Hopeful on Hops

A few weekends ago – we had a preview of Summertime in the Bay Area. As we waited for the meat on the grill, I sipped on vodka cocktails under sunny skies in Oakland – meeting new friends at a birthday BBQ at Scott’s house.

We got the pickled string beans for our New Year’s Day Bloody Mary’s from Scott’s garden. On this weekend, he introduced us to his new garden project – growing hops.

Beer from scratch

He ordered the seedlings online. He prepped the area near what looked like a flag pole, giving them plenty of space for the vines to climb when they start rocking.
Growing Hops

I’m looking forward to the hoppy harvest. I can’t wait to see/smell/taste the beer from this urban garden.
Hoppy Goodness!

We spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying yummy tacos, BBQ chicken and good conversation.

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