Looking Back

Happy New Year! I’ve hit up several foodie adventures in my kitchen and beyond. I need to get crackin’ on those kitchen blogs – baking bread and taking on chicken pot pie.

But first…2009 has been another epic year of eating, drinking and trying new flavors.

Bacon Explosion
In 2009 – we invested in some kick-ass cooking tools: better knives, an iron skillet and one beautiful grill. Our California weather allows us grill nearly all year round. We fired up the grill for our beer-can chicken on New Year’s Eve. For the virgin run on the grill, we made the bacon explosion. The aroma from 2-pounds of bacon, chorizo and Italian sausage smelled amazing from the grill.

We checked out more restaurants in 2009. On our East Coast summer vacation, we made a gourmet pilgrimage to Lola’s in Cleveland. This is the flagship restaurant of Chef Michael Symon. He made it big on the Food Network as the “Next Iron Chef.” He also does amazing things with this Walleye fish – flaky, delicate and so fresh.

You can find the rest of my album, “In My Tummy: 2009,” on Flickr.
What do you think? What should I try next?

In My Tummy | 2009

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