Food Trucks

Camping trips and Hollywood Bowl concerts nurtured my love of eating good food outdoors. California has beautiful weather, fresh ingredients and bold chefs.

Most people have a craving to combine all those elements at food truck events.

A few weeks ago, we discovered mobile food heaven in Palo Alto at Edgewood Eats.

We lined up at different food trucks for our entrees. Next, we claimed a patch of asphalt with our camping chairs.

Then I scarfed down this incredible Maine lobster roll from the Shack Mobile.

Maine lobster roll from Shack Mobile
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Grab a Bite

I stumbled on some tasty meals that fit in my hands.

At the Old Clam House, I loved the crab-wich.

At the Tied House Brewery, I tried a yak burger for the first time. Ever. It barely fit in my hands. Also, the yak meat was quite flavorful.
Yak Burger

At Jen Jon, I had this combo banh mi. Inside what some people call a “hole-in-the-wall” in Union City, I was impressed with this hearty sandwich stuffed with pork, pate and headcheese.
Tasty banh mi from JenJon

At Sam’s Chowder House, I loved the lobster roll. It transformed this Half Moon Bay spot into a tourist trap after the Today show couldn’t stop raving about it. We managed to avoid the crowds and snagged a lovely spot in the bar with a view of the water. All that fresh lobster flavor stands out after the kitchen lightly tosses the lobster bits with butter and lemon. Yeah. I wanted seconds.
Famous Lobster Roll

In My Belly: Small Bites: Oysters

Download my small bites episode on oysters. I like them raw. You may also add some lemon juice and hot sauce. Don’t forget to enjoy some of the oyster ‘liquor’ in the shell!

Smoked Salmon
We’re taking one more look at the Liberty Fishing Company in Monterey. My husband tries ‘Viagra in a Shell.’

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