Chicken Adobo, Bacon and LaBatt Blue

I had a craving for Filipino food, so I made chicken adobo, bacon and LaBatt Blue.

#kvpkitchen Made chicken adobo with bacon, hominy and @labattusa Blue. ???? My kid cut up green onions as a garnish. We served it over white rice. NOM! #kvpinmybelly #adobo #chicken #rice #bacon #filipino #filipinofood

I love the salty combination of bacon, soy sauce, and patis. I also added hominy.
My kid cut up green onions as a garnish. We served everything over white rice.


Brunch Love

Brunch is my favorite meal of the weekend. The menus offer a delightful combo of sweet and savory treats from breakfast and lunch.

I enjoyed eating my way thru San Diego’s brunch scene. I do my best to work off all those tasty calories with sculpt yoga classes.

I loved this twist on the classic Egg Benedict. Solace and the Midnight Lounge adds a beef cheek hash.

Cheddar & Chive Biscuits.

Another yummy staple for brunch menus: biscuits and gravy.

I like it when I can pair biscuit and gravy sliders with a bottomless mimosa bar, like at the Duck Dive in Pacific Beach.
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Adobo Chicken and Bacon

I found my new favorite recipe for adobo thanks to Top Chef winner Paul Qui.
I found his recipe in a Food and Wine article about his late-night eating habits. He always makes a yummy dinner for his fiancée, even if he comes home after midnight.

Adobo Chicken and Bacon
I love that he added bacon to his adobo dish.

Ginger Rice and Adobo Chicken with Bacon
Qui pairs his adobo with ginger rice. The sharp ginger flavor surprised and worried my hubby at the dinner table. After a few more bites, we agreed that the ginger flavors hit all the right notes with the chicken and bacon.

Mark also said he missed my family’s version of adobo chicken when the meat falls off the bone. So – I think I need to cook the chicken longer in Qui’s mix of white soy, fish sauce and chicken broth. The longer cooking time should make the chicken more tender.

#kvpinmybelly : YUM! @pqui 's #Adobo chicken and #bacon. Pairs nicely with ginger rice. Savory, juicy and my new favorite adobo recipe #foodspotting
Bottom line: a classy upgrade to my family’s comfort food.