Mellow Yellow Monday: Potato Latkes

My husband introduced me to Max’s Opera Cafe in Palo Alto. It’s a classy spot for Jewish deli favorites: from Reubens to matzo ball soup.

I loved the hearty potato latkes.
Potato Latkes
I figured the apple sauce on the side helps this photo fit the Mellow Yellow Monday theme, yes?

We split the Reuben with huge slices of pastrami and a hefty serving of sauerkraut. It was certainly big enough for two people.

Where do you go for deli sandwiches?

Food Trucks

Camping trips and Hollywood Bowl concerts nurtured my love of eating good food outdoors. California has beautiful weather, fresh ingredients and bold chefs.

Most people have a craving to combine all those elements at food truck events.

A few weeks ago, we discovered mobile food heaven in Palo Alto at Edgewood Eats.

We lined up at different food trucks for our entrees. Next, we claimed a patch of asphalt with our camping chairs.

Then I scarfed down this incredible Maine lobster roll from the Shack Mobile.

Maine lobster roll from Shack Mobile
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