Welcome to my Oral Fixations…

I’m a TV news producer in San Francisco. In my free time, I like to explore Northern California and the rest of the state with my hubby. I love taking pictures of everything from our weekend excursions, especially food and drinks. There are other times when we like to stay at home and cook. I get into this wonderful, mellow mood when I’m mixing up tasty ingredients on the stove.

Escargot for Lunch, originally uploaded by queenkv.

This photoblog is now going beyond the Project 365 Challenge from May 2007. Now I’m using Oral Fixations to celebrate all yummy things that end up in my belly. I will post video montages from our culinary adventures in the kitchen and on the road. I hope you like it.

I also hope this blog makes you hungry for more!

From May 2007

“About Project 365”
This is my new photo blogging challenge: post AT LEAST one picture of some part of my meal (food, drink, snacks….basically anything edible) – daily.

I’m intrigued by other bloggers who keep Project 365 sites. I’m impressed with their diligence and the epic scope of their blogs. Mark also told me about a Japanese man who took pictures of all of his meals. I can’t stop taking pictures of food, especially when we dine out. In fact, when people see me at parties, restaurants and gatherings, they know I’m going to whip out my Canon Elph and snap away. One sports man in Topeka likes to call me “Shutterbug.”

So, with all these pictures of food, drinks and all things edible, I figure I can motivate myself to post at least one picture of something going into my mouth — food or drink — on a daily basis.

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  1. Im a crazy “Foodie”. I’d travel around the world for a good meal. I’am saving your Flickr page as one of my favorites. Have you been to Arizona? Did you find any good food there. You guys can drop me a line when you get a chance. I wanna start a Zen Food site. Its all about food that makes me happy. I wanna use some of your flicks.

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