Romantic Breakfast

We had plans for Valentine’s Day. Wine and Chocolate in Lodi and a gourmet meal at the Girl and Fig in Sonoma.

I wanted to surprise my hubby with another tasty treat. So I woke up early on Valentine’s Day to pick up some tulips and ingredients for a romantic breakfast.

Heart in a Skillet

Serious Eats gave me the inspiration for this decadent breakfast meal:
Slow-Cooked Scrambled Eggs with Goat Cheese
. This also gave us a chance to try out our new cast iron skillet.

“…stirring constantly, until the desired doneness.”

The Serious Eats recipe doesn’t give an estimated cooking time. It took about an hour of stirring to get our eggs to the “desired doneness.” Nothing’s more romantic than taking turns pushing egg yolks ’round a medium-hot skillet. Still, it was a neat, new way for me to cook eggs. It’s worth the wait to achieve the creamy, thick texture. When you add the goat cheese, you get a bite of breakfast heaven!

V-Day Breakfast

By the way…that slice of bacon’s supposed to be the arrow thru our heart.

Get it?

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