The Most Wonderful Thing On Earth

Behold – my last piece of bacon before Lent.
I made a fried egg sandwich with bacon and blue cheese over sourdough. It tasted like heaven.

Bacon. Fried-up, meaty, fatty and makes me hungry for more….Bacon.
Fried egg  bacon & bleu cheese on sourdough. Last piece of pork before Lent

My bacon buddy Susan introduced me to this funny clip that touches on bed, breakfast in bed and bacon. In fact, I think this is the most time any comedian spends on the fatty gift from pigs.


Bacon – I will miss you.

Thanksgiving 2009

Original Post on My Brainpickings.

I had to work on Thanksgiving. I knew I had no energy or patience to cook after producing a 3-hour show. So, we decided to save our Thanksgiving cooking/feast for Saturday.

8 Hours Later

On our menu: Rosemary Sausage and Chicken. I found the recipe in our Cuisinart Slow Cooker Recipe book. (The book came with the Slow Cooker). The veggies, sausage, chicken, chicken stock and wine simmered inside the Slow Cooker for 8 hours.
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