Fast Food

On the tube, one of my guilty pleasures is Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares. (The BBC version) He has a terrible temper and he crosses the line of decency in every episode. However, the chef knows food and the restaurant business. The food spots who invite Ramsay into their establishments should totally know that in spite of his bad attitude, he knows what it takes to make their kitchens serve great meals and have their restaurants making money.

Now this segment from Ramsay’s “F-Word” is bloody inspiring. These quick meals look so tasty. Another bonus, I won’t have to spend a fortune on ingredients. I think I’m tackling the goat cheese omelet and the linguini puttanesca.

Oh So French

I loved watching Chef Eric Ripert on Top Chef and other food shows. He so classy, so talented and oh so French.

Famous Autograph

Last Christmas – Susan gave us this beautiful book by Ripert. He also signed it at a San Francisco event. Susan said he was so adorable when he messed up my name. He kept apologizing. Still – “On The Line” is an amazing book and it truly takes you behind the scenes of his world famous restaurant, “Le Bernardin.”

This weekend, I stumbled on this wonderful video featuring Ripert with one of the editors from GQ.