Puerto Nuevo

Lobster craving satisfied during our weekend trip to Baja California. Just add that amazing garlic butter!

Puerto Nuevo was our first stop on our Memorial Day weekend.
We ignored guys who tried to help us find parking, brushed off street vendors selling One Direction posters and knockoff Aztec shields and walked over to La Casa del Pescador.

Casa del Pescador
It’s a tasty spot with a beautiful view of the Pacific. Fierce winds prompted us to dine inside.

Soccer matches will dominate the television sets inside. Mariachi bands will haunt your table. The food will make you wish for a nap by the Pacific Ocean.

I kicked off my holiday weekend with a margarita.

Mark enjoyed a fishermen’s platter with lobster, fish and shrimp. I wanted to save my belly for the Puerto Nuevo specialty: lobster. This is what my small order looked liked. They served it with garlic butter. Some yelpers called it “liquid crack.” It made the lobster taste amazing.


My husband said Laja was like the French Laundry of Baja California.

It’s an honest place for good food and wine in the heart of Baja’s Wine Country.
I spotted one sign for Laja off Highway 3, the main road looping thru Valle de Guadalupe.

It was a lovely spot for my birthday dinner. I was ready for another birthday weekend in Baja California after I celebrated the beginning of my 30s in Ensenada.

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