Dining In

I like to leave Food Network or the Cooking Channel on when I’m doing dishes or fussing around in the kitchen/living room. When I see a dish that looks tasty, I hit record on our Direct TV DVR.
Skirt Steak and Garlic White Bean Mash
That’s how I came up with up with this for dinner: rib-eye steak, garlic white bean mash and sauteed spinach. Nigella Lawson made it look so fast and easy.
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In My Belly: Liberty Fish Company

Download episode 4 of In My Belly. Feel free to pair my food podcast from Monterey Bay with hot coffee and lemon juice. Squeeze the lemon juice over those huge oysters on the half shell.

In August, we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary in Monterey Bay.
Happy and Married 2010

On our first night, we indulged in couples pampering at the Spa by the Bay and 5-star cuisine at Peppoli in Pebble Beach.

Meat Plate

I woke up early the next morning to work on my St. Petersburg lectures. I worked up an appetite and the Liberty Fish Company delivered.

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Warm Enough

We’re enjoying the first weekend of Spring with 70-degree weather.

Since I’m working another graveyard shift, I want to save my energy. Instead of partying hard, my favorite thing to do is chill at home with good food, wine and my family.

Grilling Salmon
Earlier this month, we picked up this beautiful, boneless salmon from Costco. I used salt, pepper and some olive oil on this fresh piece of fish.
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