Eating my way thru SoCal

I went back for seconds. I always do that when it comes to Christmas lunch/dinner/snacks at my Ninang’s house in SoCal.
ChristmasDay (1)
It’s not a great spread for vegans/vegetarians, but it hits my happy spots for savory, meaty goodness.

My Ninong's Dinuguan
I also tried to figure out how to make my Ninong’s Dinuguan. I just need to find a decent butcher near my little house in Fremont.

We end up searching for my tasty treats after we give our tummies a rest from all that eating. SoCal is home to so many amazing food spots and I would be sad if I skipped out on eating out.

Mullholland Drive Hot Dog @ Pinks Hot Dogs
I would have missed my new favorite spot for hot dogs in LA if I decided to stay home!
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