In My Belly: Small Bites: Oysters

Download my small bites episode on oysters. I like them raw. You may also add some lemon juice and hot sauce. Don’t forget to enjoy some of the oyster ‘liquor’ in the shell!

Smoked Salmon
We’re taking one more look at the Liberty Fishing Company in Monterey. My husband tries ‘Viagra in a Shell.’

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In My Belly: Liberty Fish Company

Download episode 4 of In My Belly. Feel free to pair my food podcast from Monterey Bay with hot coffee and lemon juice. Squeeze the lemon juice over those huge oysters on the half shell.

In August, we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary in Monterey Bay.
Happy and Married 2010

On our first night, we indulged in couples pampering at the Spa by the Bay and 5-star cuisine at Peppoli in Pebble Beach.

Meat Plate

I woke up early the next morning to work on my St. Petersburg lectures. I worked up an appetite and the Liberty Fish Company delivered.

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