In My Belly: Small Bites

Download In My Belly: Small Bites. My ‘Small Bites’ are quick, flavor-packed videos on my culinary adventures. I don’t think I will be doing fancy editing with these pieces. I simply want to shoot the foodie segment with my Droid X and then blast the video via Twitter and this podcast.
Sound’s good?

The other day, I did lunch with my hubby in Sacramento and we stopped by Gunther’s for dessert.

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It’s my first trip to this 70-year-old icon.
My co-workers have been raving about this place for the last year. The ice cream tasted amazing! I don’t have a sweet tooth, but I was in heaven with the Root Beer Float ice cream. Yum!

In My Belly: Camping

Download episode 2 of ‘In My Belly.’ Goes nicely with white wine. Maybe a vodka tonic.

I had no idea camping could be a culinary adventure. Our friends opened our eyes and mouths to the pleasures of bacon, pancakes and good food at the campsite in Scotts Valley.

Breakfast at the Campsite

Last June, Catalina made reservations at the Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park. We packed everything into our little Corolla, survived the twists and turns on Highway 17 and spent the night under the stars. In my next episode of ‘In My Belly’ – we cover all yummy options for tent-side eating.

In My Belly: Campsite Cooking from Kris Vera-Phillips on Vimeo.

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Over rice

This week – I was hungry for white rice and home cooking.

I made my family’s chicken adobo and added kidney beans. Trust me – it works! The kidney beans soak up the soy sauce and vinegar broth. I think it pairs nicely with the chicken that has been simmering for about an hour on the stove.
I love the savory chicken adobo broth over white rice #fb
My favorite part of this dish is spooning the thin, savory broth over white rice. Yum!

Rice and smoked sausages
My comfort food comes in all shapes, flavors and complexities. Oddly enough, memories of my lola has me heating up a bowl of white rice and smoked cheddar sausage in the microwave.

I also add pads of margarine over the rice. I know – weird right? Good thing I’m not pregnant!
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